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  • What kind of wallpapers do you sell?

  • We print our designs on Uncoated + Vinyl.

    Uncoated comes in strokes of approx 47.5 cm wide.Uncoated is standard wallpaper. )

    Vinyl is another option. Vinyl comes in stores of 100 cm wide, it is a bit more ‘luxurious’ because of the Topcoat and is easier to clean.

    With both materials the wall needs to be glued.

    For Unocated we Advise: Ready & Roll Perfax

    For Vinyl we advise Vinyl & Textile Perfax

  • Our house has crooked walls is your wallpaper possible?

  • Yes! You can send us a picture of the wall and we will adjust the design for you. We ask 49.- for an adjusment.

  • What are the measurements I need to fill in?

  • We advise to add 5 -10 cm in wide and height for margin.

    So it would be the total width of the wall + 5 cm and from bottom to top + 5 cm.

    300 cm wide x 250 cm high = 305 cm x 255 cm
  • How do I install wallpaper?

  • The design comes on a big roll, on this roll there are strokes. You can cut the strokes on the mentioned cut points/stripes.

    The strokes will be placed next to each other (from left to right) and result in a design. The white space that has no image on it will be cut away.


  • I want a sticker design on hard material is this possible?

  • Yes! You can send us the design + size you would like we kan print it on Forex or Plexiglass.

Wall stickers

  • Can I return a wall sticker?

  • Pay attention: because we produce each other per customer it is not possible to return stickers.

  • Which walls are suitable for your wall stickers?

  • Our wall stickers are suitable for clean, dry and flat surfaces.

    we do have options for extra strong stickers for difficult backgrounds.

  • Can I move the sticker after a while (for example for a moving?)

  • Our stickers are not suitable for moving. You can adjust them twice after installing but not after a while.

  • I would like another size wall sticker is this possible?

  • Yes of course! Just send as un email with you wishes.

Birth Announcements

  • What are the costs of a custom made birth announcement?

  • For a custom desing we ask €195,-  this is exclusive printing.

    If you want a design from the website the price would be 129.-

  • What kind of card options do you have?

  • we have 3 sort of cards:

    1. biotop 300 gr (steady and off white)
    2. conquerer vierge (thick with a little structure)
    3. Old Dutch paper (thick, off white)
  • How do I order the cards + design?

  • 1: Let us know your whishes
    please email this to:

    • Information parents
    • Font
    • Colors
    • Design
    • Size (10.5 x 15 / 9.2 x 13.5 / 13 x 13
    • Single or double
    • sort of paper

    Step 2: Design
    *Your request can made by email we will show you the design digital

    Step 3: Adjustments
    *after the first design you can make two adjusment rounds
    *Every extra adjustment €25,-

    Stap 4: Approved and printing
    * after birth and approval we send the cards for printing and post

Social Media

  • Where can we see your work?

  • We are active on Facebook and Instagram or come visit us in our Showroom in The Hague 🙂


  • Do you have a store we can visiti?

  • FDF Showroom

    Balistraat 47 | 2585 xm | The Hague

    Decor Amsterdam

    Overtoom 410, 1054 JT Amsterdam, Nederland

    De mooiste muren Haarlem
    Zijlstraat 83, 2011 TM Haarlem, Nederland

    BDS Wallcovers
    Blokmakerstraat 7 Katwijk

    Schildersbedrijf KJ Koenen en zoon
    Handelskade 1, 8321 KB Urk, Nederland

    Kleur Studio , Herenstraat 36, 2215 KH Voorhout

    Decokay Emmen – Noordbargerstraat 1, 7811KE Emmen

    Fa. Visser & Zn.
    Dorpstraat 80, 2742 AK Waddinxveen