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  • What kind of wallpapers do you sell?

  • We print our designs on Uncoated + Vinyl.

    Uncoated comes in strokes of approx 47 cm wide or 100 cm wide. Uncoated is standard wallpaper. The wall needs to be glued (not the strokes)

    Vinyl is another option. Vinyl is bit more ‘luxurious’ because of the Topcoat and is easier to clean. With Vinyl the strokes need to be glued.

  • Our house has crooked walls is your wallpaper possible?

  • Yes! You can send us a picture of the wall and we will adjust the design for you. We ask 49.- for an adjusment.

  • What are the measurements I need to fill in?

  • We advise to add 5 -10 cm in wide and hight for margin.

    So it would be the total width of the wall + 5 cm and from bottom to top + 5 cm.

  • How do I install wallpaper?

  • The design comes on a big roll, on this roll there are strokes. You can cut the strokes on the mentioned cut points/stripes.

    The strokes will be placed next to each other and result in a design. The white space that has no image on it will be cut away.

    With Uncoated the wall itself needs to be glued.
    With Vinyl the strokes needs to be glued.

  • I want a sticker design on hard material is this possible?

  • Yes! You can send us the design + size you would like we kan print it on Forex or Plexiglass.

Wall stickers

  • Can I return a wall sticker?

  • Pay attention: because we produce each other per customer it is not possible to return stickers.

  • Which walls are suitable for your wall stickers?

  • Our wall stickers are suitable for clean, dry and flat surfaces.

    we do have options for extra strong stickers for difficult backgrounds.

  • Can I move the sticker after a while (for example for a moving?)

  • Our stickers are not suitable for moving.

  • I would like another size wall sticker is this possible?

  • Yes of course! Just send as un email with you wishes.

Birth Announcements

  • What are the costs of a custom made birth announcement?

  • For a custom desing we ask €195,-  this is exclusive printing.

    If you want a design from the website the price would be 129.-

  • What kind of card options do you have?

  • we have 3 sort of cards:

    1. biotop 300 gr (steady and off white)
    2. conquerer vierge (thick with a little structure)
    3. Old Dutch paper (thick, off white)
  • How do I order the cards + design?

  • 1: Let us know your whishes
    please email this to: info@fleurdesfleurs.nl:

    • Information parents
    • Font
    • Colors
    • Design
    • Size (10.5 x 15 / 9.2 x 13.5 / 13 x 13
    • Single or double
    • sort of paper

    Step 2: Design
    *Your request can made by email we will show you the design digital

    Step 3: Adjustments
    *after the first design you can make two adjusment rounds
    *Every extra adjustment €25,-

    Stap 4: Approved and printing
    * after birth and approval we send the cards for printing and post

Social Media

  • Where can we see your work?

  • We are active on Facebook and Instagram


  • Do you have a store we can visiti?

  • We are buy with a new showroom in The Hague! This will be finished around november 2023


    Decor Amsterdam
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    De mooiste muren Haarlem
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    Kleur Studio , Herenstraat 36, 2215 KH Voorhout

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    Fa. Visser & Zn.
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