Custom made

Fleur is happy to help you create custom made wallpapers.
She only needs the size of the wall and will calculate the prize for you.
You can order wallpaper in two different types: Uncoated or Vinyl.

Prices per m2

Uncoated (37,5)

Vinyl (41)

Our prices for our standard wallpaper with patterns are 129.- (48 cm x 10 m)

Safari Chique couleur
Sporty Animals
Flamingo Life
Exotic Forest Fantasy
Swann Lake Boho
Star Sky Girls
Giraffe room Upside Down
Safari Chique B&W
Tropical Girls Green
Jungle Joy
Blue forest Boys
Pink Forest Girls
Pastel Forest
It’s written in the stars (Wallpaper custom made)
Parrots in Paradise (black background)
Safari Chique Black & White
L’eopards en bleu
Dancing leopards white
Tropical forest animals
Parrots in Paradise
Safari Gold Pattern
Monkey forest. Black, white & gold
Safari Gold dark green
Safari Gold dark green pattern
Exotic forest color
Birds of Paradise
Chameaux couleur
Exotic Forest Fantasy
La la land
Flamant Rose
Chine rouge
Chameau noir et blanc
Chameau en couleur
Chine Jeane custom made
Safari chique couleur
Tour d’Afrique
Safari Chique black & white