Kids Art

Cruising Party
Elephant in balance
Around the world girls (green)
Amsterdam Jungle 2
Amsterdam Jungle
Enjoy the ride girl
Let’s Go Girls
Little Boy from Bali
Star Sky Boys
Flamingo Sky
Moving from Haarlem to Curacao
Flamingo Love & Magnolia’s
Little Animals in Amsterdam
Tropical Little Lady
Elephant family
Lion Family
Animal Parade
NYC & Holland
Dreamy Dutch Girl
Little Lady in Venice
Animals parade in Maastricht
Farm life
Animal tower in Amsterdam
Tropical Forest
Hamburg baby
Wild world girls green & gold
Amsterdam Jungle
Koala family
Life of Phie
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Baby boy from Singapore
Brazil Baby
Jungle babies
Little Lion & his family
Elephant & flowers
Baby animals
Cape Town love
Big family
Information Kids art
China love in Rotterdam
Elephant in balance with name
Elephants in Pink
Animal parade in Amsterdam with gold lettering
Little twins
Tropical Island
Leopard family in The Hague
Honey in Singapore & Amsterdam
Special Request home & animals
Around the world
Amsterdam party
Noah’s ark in Amsterdam girl
Custom made kids art
Dreamy Amsterdam
Little boy in the woods
Baby animals in Amsterdam boy
Hot air balloon in Amsterdam
African beauty
Wild world (green) girls
Wild world boys
Wild world girls
Leopard love in Amsterdam
Flamingo party in Amsterdam
Lighthouse on a Whale
Petite princess de Paris
Monkey, bunny en petite princess sister in Amsterdam
Animal parade boy
Amsterdam & animals
Baby girl from Rotterdam
A little wolf born in NYC
Amsterdam forest girl
Giraffe family, 1 mother & three kids
Baby boy from Amsterdam
Flamingo party & symbolic parents attributes
Amsterdam, old KLM plane & Bali
Flamingo sky
Japanese/ Dutch work for a little adopted girl
Happy Lemur family
Bears in Amsterdam
Elephant family & football lovers
Leopard family in Amsterdam
Amsterdam baby
Little sailor on a whale
Little girl from Rotterdam
Amsterdam jungle girls
Little zoo & gold lettering
Special request, Jungle theme
Little artist
Two brothers from Suriname
Brazil & Amsterdam for a little boy
Special request for a little girl from St. Lucia
Little girl from Paris
Petite Princess
Africa in Amsterdam
Pink forest fantasy
Giraffe family
Dancing in the woods
Happy forest girl 2