Custom made

Custom made

Fleur is happy to help you create personalized birth certificates, invites, wedding cards and much more.
Please get in touch for more information and possibilities.

Birth posters: For customized birth posters/ kids art, please take a look at the examples. You can choose your desired pattern and leave a name and birth date.
All posters are without frame, if you want Fleur can arrange frames as well.

You can order birth posters in two sizes:

30 x 40 cm

21 x 30 cm

Exotic Forest Fantasy
Flamingo Life
Tiger bag (canvas)
It’s written in the stars (Wallpaper custom made)
Safari Gold Pattern
Safari Gold dark green pattern
Exotic forest color
Birds of Paradise
Lunch Boxes
Chameaux couleur
Exotic Forest Fantasy
Flamant Rose
Chine Jeane custom made
Life of Phie
Example birth announcements
China love in Rotterdam
Tropical Island
Plastic or Ceramic plates with name
Around the world
Amsterdam party
Custom made kids art
Wild world girls
Leopard love in Amsterdam
Flamingo party in Amsterdam
Lighthouse on a Whale
Animal parade boy
Amsterdam & animals
Flamingo party & symbolic parents attributes
Little sailor on a whale
Little zoo & gold lettering
Little girl from Paris
Africa in Amsterdam
Pink forest fantasy
Giraffe family
Dancing in the woods
Happy animals in Amsterdam (boy)
Oldtimers for a young boy
Dutch princess born in Dubai
Little boy from Amsterdam
The big five for a little girl
Custom made glossy tile
Custom made glossy tile
Custom made glossy tile 15 x 15 cm
Wedding Day
Happy animals in Amsterdam (girl)
Amsterdam boy
Little lady from Amsterdam
Circus love boys
The big five for a little boy
Animal parade little girl
Happy forest little girl
Little leopard in Amsterdam
Two little girls from Amsterdam to New York
Africa style for a little boy
Blue balloons and a whale
Elephant Family love
Greek & Dutch baby elephant
Forest animals, girl
Bird, banana leaf & frenchy penny
Lion, zebra, tucan & banan leafs
Birth poster elephant pink balloon green stars
Tucan, flamingo & butterfly
Tropical girl
Birth poster blue balloon
Boho birth poster